Sustainable business results require “open-to change” mindset and good change condition through the whole organization

Market conditions are changing rapidly and one of the major challenges companies have is leading the change to achieve better results. The change is crucial to gain new business, improve competitiveness and create new innovations. Based on our discussions and experience the main challenge is to get the change process ongoing and to achieve sustainable results.

To change your way of working you actually need to change the way of thinking first. According to the Wayne W.Dyer “ when you change your way of thinking the things you think will change” So, the question is “how do we change the way of thinking?”

The most efficient way of changing the way of thinking is when you get the idea by yourself rather than it is told – externally. So, the starting point is to work is an idea rich environment to have a chance to create and get the ideas. So, it is important that the employer provides an idea rich environment to work and helps employees e.g. by training, to further develop the open-to-change mindset.

Is it possible to get the employees to change their way of thinking to be aligned with the company? There are a number of things to guide the thinking towards the same direction. These are for example good leadership, right people, appropriate tools and good change process. Most of all the right motivation helps. Is a ”carrot” more effective than a ”stick”? Anyway, small things matter to create open and positive environment that actually allows people to change.

It is impossible to change a person but it is possible to affect the person’s way of thinking thus change the way of working. This is possible by affecting to the environment. The good environment that allows continuous change requires transparency, trust on the leaders, mutual respect, healthy team spirit and common values. These all should be part of good leadership.

Sustainable results are the only thing that matter for business and to get the sustainable results we need to change the way of thinking. We need to develop “open-to-change” mindset so that changes would be seen as a new opportunity rather than a threat.

Based on our experience the first corner stone of a successful change is a ”case for change” which is a real need for a change. In addition the “open-to-change” mindset and good change condition through the whole organization are essential. What type of experiences you have?