Luotsi360 for your business

Luotsi360 is a company with wide experience in marketing and product management projects in various industries. We have also taken care of all operational tasks of a customer / company.

Today we want to focus on health and wellness sector (including sports) and collaborate with different companies in this sector.

gretzkyWe are lean practitioners – We have hands on experience in the lean management principles and lean way of working both in software and hardware businesses.

When we work with you we aim at improving your company’s flow efficiency, speed, reaction speed – they have direct impact to customer satisfaction, profitability and market share. We focus in your ‘case for change’ and promote continuous improvement as a way to sustainable business.

Collaboration and customer cases

Vahvero Symbiosis Ltd
H&T Sport Future Heath
Blues Naiset hockey team

Public references

VeX Solutions Ltd
– marketing, sales, product design, customer service
– 2013-2017

Blues Naiset hockey team 2014-2016

Luotsi360 Ltd as a company and contact information